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Cayuga deans cove

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Any word on dean's Cove launch? THANKs!

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      Fished 5:30 to noon . Ran down to just about sheldrake set up in 300 foot of the water. Used 1 Seth green , 1 down Rigger , 2 dipsys , 1 copper rod down chutes . Ran spoons , spin doctors and flies , dodger and flies . Spoons did most of the damage but all work . We did a lot of slivers but only 3 were legal. Biggest fish was a 10 lb Laker. A rain bow hit the Seth green on the 3rd bead down and carried a two lb weight and got a foot of air . When we boated the fish I couldn't believe the little

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      Showed up at deans and meet the bass guys at 4 : 45 am launching boats . Got my turn little after 5 am . Leaving the cove dodging bass boats inside the cove I'm making my way out through the cones. There's bass boats on each side of the little cone out area with their power poles down. There was two guys inside the cones blocking off the channel going out. I had to rock back and forth from forward to reverse and wait for these guys to get out of the way just to get out. Wish they stage outsi

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      Showed up at deans a little after 5 am went to the parking lot to make the boat ready while waiting for my friends to show at 5: 30 . When they got there ( on time as usual) we launch the boat. I went and park the truck and was meet on the way down the steps by the senior member of the group he's a mechanic by trade saying to me you got any jumper cables, umm no I don't ,why ? The power switch is on both batteries and there is not one bit of power . I'm like well let's go fishing . Got in the

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      Wife talked me into going to casino today. I told her only if we checked my road route and launch area. Deans Cove launch is clear however there is a lot of debris out front. Heavy mud for the first 100'. Then cloudy light brown for another 100'. Lots of debris throughout the stained water. Wind will decide the resting place. Powell road is closed. A collapsed culvert & road. I guy on sight told me they hadn't ordered new culver yet. It will be closed awhile. Best alternative is Hall

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      Planning on heading to Cayuga tomorrow morning to do some jigging for lakers.  Only got out a handful of times last year (August time frame) and launched at Taughannock Falls.  I've never launched from anywhere else on Cayuga, so i was curious about Dean's?  Is this a public launch?  We have a 21' Tracker Targa.  Also, i know this time of year can be a little more difficult because the fish are spread out so much, but is there a general depth range we should try to target to get started?  Please

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