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That seems a little light on the sentences, water fowl fine in Pa. is a Federal offense, since a waterfowl license is issued through the Federal department of water fowl, not just the Pa. Game Comm. under the migratory water fowl association. Plus anyone else would have lost their firearms plus the vehicle. The wording in the article says they shot protected birds, but if NY is like Pa. that’s a federal offense and instant jail time and loss of all wildlife and fishing privileges for many years if not indefinitely!! With fines to keep you in the poor house for a long time. I applaud the game commission for there actions, most of the time they Fk up on the paperwork and the guy usually gets a way less sentence. The Judge must of had some good fun loving the night before the Saiff sentencing came up:lol: I don’t see how if he can’t conduct a lawful hunting guide service, what would make her think any differently about his fishing guide services?? 

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I am sure Bill frequents this website.  Disappointing behavior for a supposed "leader" in the industry.  It also speaks to the pressure guides are under to produce for their clients that he would stoop to those depths.  Difficult business to hang your hat on a sport that requires the timing of bird migrations.  A little bit of laziness involved also.  A small drive up to Upper and Lower Lakes WMA + a little legwork and he could get his clients a limit of ducks every time.  

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I’m disappointed in the shooting of the birds under the protected list. Definitely changed my outlook on him for sure!! I’ll still use his Utube vids for a brain refresher. :lol:

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