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Has anyone ever driven into Pavillon Richer.  How was the road, fishing, cabins.   Have fished several outfitters in Quebec. Lake Berethlot very good all round but as Road improves fishing declines. Senneterre Outfitters, once and done. Lake Ogaskacan once and never again..

Lake Theodat, excellent fishing, basic cabins, outhouse, warm shower. Tough  Road following Hydro-Quebec Road turn off Rt 113 between Waswanipi and Chabougamou follow for 100 miles.

Willing to pull our 18’ Lund, 90 Hp is fishing is worth it.  

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We stayed up there for my bachelor party - 3 of us. We all successfully got bears. Theirs a dirt road leading to the outfitter that’s about 80 miles long and we were towing a uhaul trailer and couldn’t go faster then 15mph without getting rattled out of the seat. The cabins at the time could use an update. Food/ store building was nice. I would just look into if the cabins have been redone. I think we were in cabin three. They weren’t dirty and we are contemplating on going back. I’m not 100% positive but I think they were starting to update them when we left in 2015. We didn’t fish much because we were concentrating on bears. They do have boats you can rent not a 18’ Lund by any means but would sure save the hassle of towing. Hope this was helpful.

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Thanks, signed up for week of May 25. Hope they are schooled up after spawning.   

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