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Brookdog Fishing Co

What a week!

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    • This week in OZ (Labor Day weekend) Updated.

      Fish and boats everywhere!  Fished Saturday PM, Sunday AM, Mon PM   Saturday PM We had a case of the dropsies only going 3 for 8. Wannabe paddle w/Musslehead Meat Rig continuing to take shots along with Valium Pro-troll paddle w/stud fly. Fished 100-140 or so with 110-120 being the best. Highlight was a Nice Coho!   Sunday AM Headed out to the same area well before sun up for the early bite and to beat the cluster at the ramp. Had our full spread out before the sun came

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

    • This week in OZ 8/29

      Fished 10 of the last 11 days (or something like that) Today & tommorrow are a blow off. Many different friends & family in/out of camp this month so we have been on the water a lot! Mostly afternoon/evening trips. Fished from 45'- 600' during this stretch. Couple of slow days, couple decent days and a few solid double digit days. Many Kings over 20lbs and 2 at about 26lb were the highlight. Couple of personal bests for some friends! Spent one evening chasing browns f

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

    • All last week

      We fished all last week everywhere from Alex bay down to Blind bay. The large mouth fishing was fairly good but the smallies were really spread out. We caught a few more accidental Pike than normal but not a lot (while bass fishing). We also were able to get two eyes and a bowfin with some nice perch and crappies mixed in. All in all it was another great week on the St. Lawrence river . The worst part is now waiting until next June before we head back.

      in St. Lawrence River Fishing Reports - 1000 Islands Fishing

    • This week in Oz (Offshore report)

      After a couple of weeks off the water for a family vacation and some other obligations I was back at it this past week.   Sunday evening 7/28 solo trip. Ran offshore to check out some waypoints from last summer. Set up in 550' Didn't take long and started getting bit. Fished about 4 hours ended up 5 for 8 with 3 Kings & 2 Steelhead. Biggest King about 16lbs. Steelhead were in the 5lb range. Had one really big rip that came unbuttoned at about 330'. 4 Fish on spoons on rig

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

    • Back from my week trip to the Oak

      Just got back from a few days at the Oak and happened to have the rare day with Atlantics.  My sons holding a 8.5, 7.5, and 6.5 pound Atlantic in the same morning.  Broke off what we thought was a larger one on a Lance Two Face after catching those three in the same vicinity.  Completed the day with kings to 25 + lbs, 2 steelhead and 3 browns.  Didn't have time to run offshore to find a coho though.     Inconsistent temps, currents and action for us during the week.  Fished 22' to 550'

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

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