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Hi guys... looking for a little insight and help


What do I want for backer on okuma, 30's to fish planer boards on seneca or cand lakes as well as something sufficient for Lake O during late summer?  Is 20# enough, any cheap mono will work? How bout braid? How about downrigger as well?  Thanks in advance

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One of the biggest considerations is the dear waterflea:lol: and whether it is still present in great numbers, and they well may be at that time of the season. They seem especially fond of braided lines.so many folks use either 30 lb Big Game Monofilament and then leader off of it with 12-20 or more lb test fluorocarbon depending on where fished OR Bloodrun Sea Flee in 30 lb test and leader off that with the fluoro. That is what I use on the riggers... fishing the other stuff is you just take your chances and hope you don't run into a bunch of kings with braid and have the rod eylets and tip clog up while you are reeling them in. I have rods set up with lighter stuff for when the fleas dissipate usually in mid to late Fall when the water temps go back down. You could also splice in a length of the mono with braid backing and fluoro leader so that the mono is all that rides down in the water  but with a 30 the capacity won't be great; especially for the king potential when spooling can become a reality:lol: I use separate setups for Lake O and the Fingers.

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