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Cannon Downrigger set w gimbal mounts

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This is a complete set with all you need to start your down rigging adventures
2 cannon unitrol clutch controlled manual down riggers with newer end tackle done last season. Each has an added double rod holder added so each unit can hold three rods so you can use stackers and run 4-6 lines at once retail 170x2 plus 60x2 for bases 460 retail value
2 traxstech gimbal mount 90 degree down rigger mounts just slip into a rod holder on side of boat or put in a 90 degree rod holder for 25 bucks you are good to go 160 dollar retail value also have an angled cannon gimbal if preferred also pictured IMG_1899.JPGIMG_1898.JPG
2 down rigger balls one 8 and one 10 pound 90 dollar retail value
500 dollars as a set only unless no takers
Located in Ithaca Ny ... or northeastern paIMG_1894.thumb.JPG.9b5dbf12f62b264459de3b4002c80a12.JPGIMG_1895.thumb.JPG.fc8d227698775ba1c9eb9e1012a5e027.JPGIMG_1896.thumb.JPG.e8ad616d362c31617b30b2779a49fbf9.JPGIMG_1897.thumb.JPG.3f4923f06e0b57a0ca36d6695ea799ec.JPG
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