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Hello, my name is Jeff and my vessel is Seaclusion out of Mexico- 28’ sea ray cruiser- not a dedicated fishing boat. I am new to boating in general. I have MUCH to learn about boating, captaining, where to go for fishing and weekends with the family on the boat. Not to mention fishing. I bought the boat last year and d/t water levels didn’t get started until middle season. Had a few bugs to work out that I’m still battling w/ little success and the marina I use has been a let down as far as repairs. 


I am not much of a fisherman but want to hook up on occasion- and enjoy big fish! I am currently trying to figure out how to set up my boat to do some trolling with out going all out. Have a couple 10’ dipsy rods, okuma 30 reels that I am planning on dipsy’s being my set up- I am struggling to find a reliable mount system- my rail mount are turning under load- 


so thats my story- I will be doing a lot of research here on the forum to learn as much as I can, any recommendations are welcome- as well as I am looking for a new marine mechanic.


Pics below of my boat and only fish caught on last years salmon adventure. 




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