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Sold / Closed FOR SALE – Cleaning out the boat

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Text or call 315.447.4020 Mon-Sun 6am-6pm ONLY! Payment accepted via PayPal, you can use e-mail [email protected] or cell phone # 315.447.4020. SORRY NOT shipping to Canada.



Depth Raider with BRAND new probe & used head with wire antenna and spool of coated cable, head bracket is broken on one side, but head unit stays on with just one knob. 350.00 Pickup or 10.00 shipping.




Qty. 2 8LB riggers weights 15.00 pickup or 10.00 shipping.



Qty. 8 13” Miscellaneous flashers 40.00 pickup or 8.00 shipping.



Used Lowrance HST-DFSBL transom mount dual-frequency transducer 50/200 kHz with water speed paddle wheel & 25-foot power cable. 45.00 pickup or 8.00 shipping.compatible with the following fish finders: HDS-10,HDS-5,HDS-5x,HDS-7,HDS-8,LCX-110C,LCX-111C HD,LCX-112C,LCX-113C HD,LCX-17M,LCX-20C,LCX-25C,LCX-26C HD,LCX-27C,LCX-28C HD,LCX-37C,LCX-38C HD,LMS-335C DF,LMS-337C DF,LMS-339C DF iGPS,LMS-480,LMS-525C DF,LMS-527C DF iGPS,X105C DF,X107C DF,X126DF,X136DF,X515C DF,X-515C DF



Qty. 6 13” Miscellaneous e-chip flashers 50.00 pickup or 8.00 shipping.




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