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Does anyone know how much backing to use on Okuma Convector 30's for 8 and also 10 color cores? I know I can load the leadcore and then fill the spool with backing and reel it onto another reel. Just thought someone might know and would save me a step.This will be my first time to fish kings in the summer. We have only fished the spring in the past.

We will be headed up to Fair Haven in 2 weeks. Can't wait.


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I have two convector 30 with leadcore (8 and 10 colors). On both I used 500 feet of braid 50 pound (with 10 colors it fit perfect). Got it free from a friend. I don't recommand to use that type of line, there are less expensive line that will make the job done. Usually for salmon fishing you need about 1000 feet of line so 10 colors is 300 feet + backing.



Maybe there are guys with more experience that have better ideas.


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