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Wasn't planning on heading out today then decided it was too nice a day not to spend on the water.  Fished from 12-3pm.  Started in 280, went to 300, then back to 170.  Wasn't expecting much considering the time of day, clear skies, and relatively flat water.  Went 2 for 2, managed 2 small rainbows.

When reviewing the underwater cam footage when I got home, it looks like there were definitely kings around, they just weren't biting (or missing, or not being hooked when biting).  Sounds like a lot of other guys struggled today too.

Hoping things improve in the morning, planning on being out early.  I MIGHT start a youtube live stream from the boat while fishing tomorrow.  If you subscribe you'll get notified as soon as I go live.

Here's a few of the underwater clips.







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