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Lake O Water Level Keeps Dropping

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I've lived on sodus bay for 8 years now and generally have to pull the boat out last week of August or first week of September due too the rapid drop off water. I understand this needs to be done but they should be able to wait until the middle/end of September. Many boaters have the same problem as me but come up from PA. Do they realize the money they are losing by lowering the lake so early. Guys quit coming up, going out to, buy fuel, etc.

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There is also the fact that many of the Lake Ontario counties were in moderate drought for a good part of the summer. So the ground will soak up the water and fill low spots first before getting to Lake O.


My wetland is still does not have water flowing out of the spillway and has not been flowing out of the spillway for at least a month or more. 

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