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Went out with my brother Tuesday morning, same 120-140 fow, good action continued. 

Caught a nice coho at 9 pounds, king at 15, a steelie, laker, and a baby king before pulling lines at 10. A little choppy out, so we had enough.  Spin doctors on dipsies out 275-320 again did most of  the damage, although we dragged the baby king around for a while on a glow frog spoon, and the steelhead was taken on a spoon. Riggers at 100-115.


Wednesday picked my cousin and his girlfriend from Seattle up in Syracuse, spent some time at the NY state fair - hot!

Got back to camp and decided about 5 to try to hit the water for a bit. Pretty good rollers out of the northwest, but fish were where we left them, and we took a nice king about 40 minutes in to our troll.  That was enough for me, and headed in to just beat some more rain.

Fish came on yellow and green spin doctor with black dots and a fly, out 300 on a dipsy.


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