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2019 A-TOM-MIK Challenge dates

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Sign ups on www.theatommikchallenge,com

(Date is wrong on site) but you can sign up

June 22

Cap meeting night before at east side marina 6 pm


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Congrats to team Crime Pays for the win
1st Crime Pays 158.40
2nd Hot Wires 151.40
3rd Rough Necks 146.05
4th Reel Addicted 145.60
5th Angling Addict 143.25
6th Smashmouth 139.85
7th Team Bikini 139.50
8th No Dil' Emma 136.45
9th Team Runaway 134.65
10th Roadshow 134.45

Challenge 2019 1.jpg

Challenge 2019 2.jpg

Challenge 2019 3.jpg

Challenge 2019 4.jpg

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