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seneca 11/5


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fish seneca again today going 13 - 18 today caught one LL salmon around 5 lbs and rest were all lakers.

the LL salmon came on a green yellow and orange spoon down 55' all the lakers came on big weenie flies. bushwacked, uncle pinch, proctoligiest,and the blue double bubble. ran with spin dr's one of them was taped up with big weenies uv tape that took 7 fish.

the other down riggers were down 83 and 97 and the wires were out 230 and 245. we fish anywhere from 95 ft out to 200 and back in to 95.

if the weather holds for friday i'll be back on the lake again.

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sorry I missed it and glad you guys had a good time. Sounds like the action was good too, you couldn't even finish your phone call to me bragging about being on the lake while I was working because you were getting too many hits. I was green with envy....

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