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  1. that looks like a blast! I used to predator hunt, or try at least...I enjoyed it more than deer hunting!
  2. How do you hunt ducks from a boat? Probably an absurd question, but don't you worry about other boat traffic, people's docks, houses etc? Do you hunt near shore, out in the middle of the lake? Do ducks hang around the shores, or do they like the open water (granted it depends on the specieis). Growing up in the Finger Lakes I've always wondered this...just curious! Not looking to criticize or for spots etc.
  3. I've noticed the same thing with Seneca Lakers. I wonder what the time frame is-does it take years of a particular diet to change a fish's color, or is it seasonal? Can a an individual fish be white in say the summer months when it is pelagic, while orange in the winter if it happens to move in shallow and feed on crustaceans? Just thinking out load... Re: Spiny Water Flea - The spiny, long 'tail' of this plankton is actually a defense against predation: predators have a difficult time swallowing the crustacean. It's ability to avoid predation in part helps this species outcompete other, native, plankton species. However, maybe planktivorous fish -most salmonids when they are larval or fry- can/are adapting and have found a way to eat the critters...?
  4. hey very cool pics! That lake is beautiful...what did you lose those lures on?
  5. very cool! Congrats on those lakers! How far did you end up paddling?
  6. Congrats on a great day! How did the fish run in terms of size?
  7. Just out of curiousty, how is the river structured-is it flat water, boulders and plunge pools etc? Are you fishing from a boat? Are there areas to shore fish? My graduate work revolves around big river ecology, so I wish I had stomped around the Susky before I moved to Virginia.
  8. I used to hunt Yates County before I moved to Virginia for grad school-how was the deer hunting been in that area the last few seasons? Just curious!
  9. Anyone have the recipe for a Michigan Cricket?
  10. That is a clever video, thanks for sharing that with us! P.S. - I am digging that fiesty older woman, get some!
  11. Congrats on the Pike! Are the pike hanging right on the bottom at those depths or suspending with the cover?
  12. hmmm I'm not sure when!?! I grew up in Dresden NY, and always considered fishing the peir but usually stuck around closer to home. I am curious to learn how any of you do if you get the chance to fish it. How deep does it get off the end of that thing?
  13. That sounds awesome! I've done something similar with lake trout before-highly recommend it
  14. Is there access to wadeable sections of the Mohawk River? It would be fun chasing smallies on the fly!
  15. Very awesome-live chat with fellow fisherman, and women! As far as suggestions go, I think most have covered what I think is sufficient. Keeping spammers out of live chats must take a ton of effort, so I appreciate what you admins. are doing to for us!!
  16. do you ever try big and colorful hair jigs for pike while ice fishing. In general, do hair jigs produce much through the ice?
  17. has anyone ever tried laker taker spoons? Or how about mepps scyclops?
  18. do the smallies ever come in shallow, so shore bound fisher people like me can still play with them?? I have been fishing shorelines and see plenty of baitfish and crayfish around soaking up the sun, so I wonder if the smallies come find them?
  19. those are awesome pics; thanks a ton for sharing them with the board!! Walleyes look like a neat fish. Did you get those trolling or jigging?
  20. That sea turtle is neat, and I sure am glad you released the critter unharmed. How do you fish for Grouper?
  21. Neat topic. Although I am no expert on worms, I do study ecology as a graduate student and can offer some insight surrounding the notion of invasive worms. You guys are right: it is a rare known fact that most of the worms we see in gardens around here are introduced, and have thus have become established as an invasive species. Ecologists debate as to whether or not they are "good" or "bad" for the environment, so i will present both sides. 1. Good: Earth worms are referred to as detritavores, so they consume non-living organic mater and the microbes contained within it. In doing so, they fragment organic matter (think of how they chomp on leaves), and increase the organic matter's surface area. As a result, the bacteria and fungi can break down this material at faster rates, and as they decompose this material the nutrients are within it release (P and N). Of course, plants grab these nutrients with their roots to grow. So this is the plus side! 2.Negative: In general, worms come to the surface layers of soil at night, feed and mate, then head deep down into the soil during the day to avoid predators. This causes a translocation of organic material (which will ultimately feul plant growth as it is decomposed) to deeper soil layers. As a result, nutrient cycles are greatly altered in ways that plants are not adapted to. Maybe that will offer some help
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