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new rod - reel combo advise?

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Looking for a med - light rod. Prefer a 6' (or shorter)  medium-lite fast action rod  for perch and stream trout, (occasional walleye as well).  So I'll be casting and jigging  with it. Will need a spinning reel to finish the combo. Not looking to spend a fortune but want to buy a desent medium-light fast action rod w a lighter spinning reel, willing to go to ~ > $120+ if needed for the compo.  

Thks ahead of time,


P.S. lost my old one haven't used it some years.

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I use St. Croix Premier rods, one  a 5'6" UL matched with a Shimano Spirex  as my trout and panfish rod., but have landed most other species with it too.Have used it for years, but put together these days will be over your budget by about $50. You may be able to find the rod on sale somewhere, and a used reel should get you close. Have read good reviews about the Shimano Syncopate which can be had for $30, which gets you closer to your limit.

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