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Did pretty good for the first trip out.  East of I bay not quite to Hedges.  Hit lakers and kings in 110-120 fow with the kings hitting 55-65' down. All on riggers with either frog or orange/copper spoons. A beautiful day.  



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Awesome.  We went a little west out of the Genny this afternoon and had a great time, went 6 for 8 with my son getting his first big Lake Ontario fish (fat ol' laker).   200 copper was working, everything hit spoons. We were hittin em at 40-65 over 75-95 deep.  Caught the world's smallest king, this little dude was fearless, I'm assuming he was just stocked this spring?  He was a foot long.Screenshot952019-05-27-19-50-23_01.thumb.jpg.b393658b3bb5d61427fa398013d8fb4f.jpg


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