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Port of Rochester Multi-Species Friday 6/28/19

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The Multi-Species event is back again this year to get the Monroe County Offshore Classic revved up!   That's right!  Contestants will need to catch 1 of each species; 1 Brown Trout, 1 Lake Trout, 1 Steelhead/Rainbow and 1 Salmon for a 4 fish box.  Each fish will count as 10 points with 1 point per pound.  You may only weigh in 1 of each species for a total of 4 fish!


It's easy to sign up!  Go to Southbay Boat and Tackle, Mitchel's Bait and Tackle or B-E Fishing Tackle.  It's $100 a boat with an optional spot on the form to donate to the Genesee Charter Boat Association Pen Rearing Project.  This is a 100% pay out (we will decide how many places after we get final number of entrants).  


You may begin fishing at 5:30 a.m. but must be in line to weigh your fish in by 3 p.m. at the Port of Rochester Building on the Genesee River.  We will use the same weigh-in location as the LOC.  Look for the big yellow LOC sign on the Port of Rochester Building.  


Please Contact Larry Hammond (Henrybud on LOU) or [email protected]  You can also contact Minion Fly Company on Facebook for information.



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Friday's Multi-Species event being held at the Port of Rochester on 6/28/19 is gaining momentum!   How about a nice warm cup of....$200 for the largest salmon, $100 for largest brown trout, $100 for largest lake trout and $100 for largest steelhead trout?  Yep, that's right www.ceilingsbydegeorge.com has put up the money to be awarded ON TOP of the 100% pay out!  Thanks to Double D and Lake Ontario United for all that you do in promoting our awesome fishery!  



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