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Started off getting a steelhead just over halfway between I-Bay and the river 60 down over 180 on an orange/copper spoon.  Not much else was happening there so after checking out part of the floating cattail barge from Braddocks directly in front of the bay, headed toward Hedges.  A lot of action in the 130-140 fow range directly north of Hedges.  Got the trifecta of brownie, steelie and king in the same 135-140 fow line running SW to NE in this area.  The brown and king hit a green glow NK spoon and the steelhead hit an orange/black copper spoon.  Everything hit 55 to 65 deep, which I thought was unusual for a brown.  He actually hit while I had practically stopped to change the lure on the other line.  I've caught just about all my steelhead this year on orange/copper spoons.  The king was decent size at 18 lbs.  Saturday was one of the best days I've had in that location. 




cattail barge.jpg

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