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Ran a two man crew on Saturday between Port Bay and Fair Haven. Definitive temp break at 50 ft. 5 for 9 with a steelie and 4 kings. Kings were 24, 22 and 19 and 6 or so. 70-80 down over 125-140 on meat. The Minion Carbon 14 started it and the Chromeo behind a sea sick wadler spinny did the rest. Warrior bird of paradise took one steelie and dropped another on the wire about 50 down. Had a blast with two of us in traffic and fish on. Amazingly not a single crossed up line all day. Can't say enough about those Minion rigs. They were producing well for us last year for the time we had in the water. Started getting hot out and we decided we had enough filleting to do already so we headed back in around noon.


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