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Was finally able to get some friends I used to work with from Kodak out. Stayed in close since the lady mentioned she has gotten sea sick before and she has never been salmon fishing. Set up in 130 and headed west. Saw a few boats in same area. Riggers set 80, 70, 60, 50. Wire out 180 and 200 on 2 setting. 60 rigger (DW 2 face) released 3 times in 20 minutes but no one home. 70 rigger (Mag 42 gold) 1 release with no one home. Just started to eat our subs and 180 wire (white double crush SD/hammer fly) starts screaming. I hand it to the lady and she was like what do I do. I tried to coach her while I cleared all the other rods since I didn’t want any crossed lines with rooking fighting her 1st king and a rookie driving the boat. She did good fighting the fish but she tired out so we gave the rod to the other guest. Fish had a big lamprey stuck to it. Reset all the lines and trolled back to port. Marked a lot of bait and lots of fish around bait. Screen lit up around 70fow when it was almost dark out. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t get them on more fish but 1 is better than none and my buddy was happy to take home a fish. Good luck out there guys/gals! IMG_3539.JPGIMG_3540.JPG



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