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Salmon gear rods reels spoons spindoctors flys

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4 okuma Magda pro counter reels 3 are on okuma classic glt rigger rods 1 is on a shimano triton rigger rod $125

2 cabelas telescoping rigger rods with cabelas dm 20 counter reels $50

2 basically brand new 10’ okuma classic glt dipsey rods with tips with new cabelas 45 counter reels spooned with fresh blood run wire $150

2 charters choice 10’ rods with 2 basically new cabelas 45 counter reels 1 is spooled with 5 color leadcore and other is a 10 color $125

2 boxes of spin doctors one is full other one has 13 $100 for full box $90 for other

Spoon box with 140 plus spoons $150

3 12 pound rigger weights $50

2 brand new rigger wingers $125

Plano box of 10 flys $40




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