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HBs Grilled Salmon Sandwich

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HBs Grilled Salmon with sweet pickles , vadalia  onion and Hoseradish Sauce on Wegmans 6 seed organic Bread. With a  Walnut and dried cranberry tossed spring salad .. 


It all stars with an expertly caught fillet of  King Salmon( Substitute Coho , or Steelhead)  from the pristine waters of Lake Ontario . 


Season it with fresh lime juice and pulp, crushed Garlic , Montreal chicken or lemon pepper 


Take grilled fillet and place on thick slice of bread , add sweet bread and butter pickles , a generous slice of the sweet onion , and cover with Worbles horseradish sauce . 


For the salad , some spring mix , chopped walnuts, Wegmans dried cranberries  , sliced onion ,sliced tomatoes , optional blue cheese crumbles . Toss with a balsamic vinegar and Splash of extra virgin or Kens  lite Northern Italian dressing 


Whether it's a lunch , light supper or on the boat , one bite of this bold and hearty sandwich will have you longing for the next release and bringing of the silver to net so you can savor the robust concert of flavors once again . 


Aside from the contaminants in the fish  ,this is actually a very health meal . And with all the fish we get , we need to figure out what to do with them . 


Also  I've seen some of you guys . Some of your guts stick out farther than your Johnson . 


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