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Salmon/Trout fishing from SHORE or close to it

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 When is it a good time to start fishing fro salmon/trout from shore, or from a small bass boat? When do they start to migrate to the shallow waters? I understand it has to do with water temps, when will the lake flip and bring those fish closer? I like to use spoons, hoping to take my 16 ft Almunacraft on the lake but obviously not very far, hoping to stay near shore to get some salmon or trout. Thanks for help

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If you are going to cast , spoons are great with maybe a rattle trap or j 13 rapala or diving plug of some sort . 


If you are going to troll ,  j plugs or deep divers like a diving long a bomber .If you don't have downriggers .  


I find the fish like water 12 to 60 ft deep for the most part . Start close and work out . 


Best time and most consistent will be starting  1 st week of Sept on . First light and Dusk best but it is hit and miss . 


I troll out of my 16 ft Alumacraft and have a blast . Just watch the weather . Safety first . 

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