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Tying leader question..

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So I have all my gear organized in the basement. It's time to start prepping for 2020.

I plan on tying many leaders because it's just time consuming on the boat.


I have the flourocarbon leader line and small Barrell swivels and swivels.


I run lead, copper, dipseys and down rigggers. Not including flasher/fly leader length which I found on you tube,


Does anyone have standard leader length they pre tie that works well ?


Thanks for any help.




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I tie My leaders with double Uni knots.. No barrel swivels... I tend to only use enough leader so the knot is near my rod tip ( not through it. Just outside it) and long enough to go to my reel seat... That is enough leader to land a fish without winding the knot through the eyelits... Saves my knots from getting nicked and weakened...
Good luck...

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Lead and copper, typically use longer leads of 20' to 30'.

For dipseys, basically when you real up the line up to the swivel that attaches to the dipsey, the remaining line length to the end of the tackle is the length of the rod.

Typically the leader between the dispey and the spin doctor/flasher is adjusted so that the overall length of the rod is achieved including the dipsey, leader, flasher, leader, lure.

The lead between the lure and dipsey is often pre-set if you use flies, but generally 2 to 3x the flasher length.


You can use longer leaders on dipseys, but then you have to hand bomb the lines in after you've reeled it in to the max.

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