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Washing the dishes


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On 1/27/2020 at 6:20 PM, horsehunter said:

So in several west coast videos that have been occupying my time when the water is too hard to put a boat on and too soft to walk on I see the guys washing their equipment and hands in Lemon Joy and wearing rubber gloves. How many go to these  measures?I have never been able to locate Lemon Joy in Ontario grocery chains. I remember a video from the dark ages and the guy was dipping his lures in the bilge water and I have a friend that puts his Rockets in his mouth to make them go into the head easier.


Everything matters. Do you want to catch 2 fish or 10? If you had to bet on who will have success deer hunting would it be someone that is 100 percent concerned about scent control, exit strategies, wind, and attention to detail or Uncle Frank hunting in his street clothes and smoking in the tree stand. My money is on the first guy! My point is everything catches fish but the guys who go above and beyond are more successful. Tournament fishing will really show you the importance of the little things. If you sit on the back of tournament boats you will see some crazy stuff. Is it all necessary? No but it does put more fish in the boat and a lot of the time also the right fish. Remember big fish didnt get that way by getting caught.


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