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Omc steering problem. Back for more Help

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Ok guys as most of you know I'm trying to set up my first lake boat. I have gotten a ton of help from everyone. Well my newest dalema is my OMC inboard steering problem. Ok I am converting my cable steer with hydraulic assist steering to hydraulic. My omc has power steering assist. When my engine is not running it is impossible to tern the helm. I thought to myself it's because of the power assist. So tonight I unhooked the cable steer and the power assist cylinder. My problem is I can not move the lever arm that the power assist cylinder was hooked up to. I even put a pair of vis grips on the arm to make it longer still could not budge it, in either direction. My question is shouldn't I be able to move this arm back and forth freely in return it should turn the rudder on the outside of the boat. I almost forgot my out drive is a omc also from what I was told. I just don't think it's right. Has anyone ever experienced this . What my Hope's are is to eliminate the power assist steering, install the hydraulic steer cylinder and my new auto pilot. I was also told by one of you guys on this sight that they have done this same thing before on a boat and it worked successfully with no problems. Maybe I'm just worried for no reason at all. If I had the hydraulic steering I would just hook it up. But I'm afraid to order it at 900 big ones until I'm sure it will work. Any input would help.



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It definitely looks like an OMC to me. I have had 2 boats now with omc outdrives, my parents have one now and that's different yet. I had to look up what engine I had to determine the model outdrive. I cannot assist you with the steering, I left mine cable hydro assist.

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