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Where are Kings in April

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Was finally able to get out with the kids a couple times this week got into some browns lots of fun. The family had enough of the house, so we sat next to each other in the boat. Much more enjoyable.

I was wondering has anybody targeted Kings at this time of year ?


I know the inside fish are fun and it's easy I was just curious about any success with Kings in April. IMG_6469.jpegIMG_3350.jpeg


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Starting point from March is on the bottom out deep with the wintering alewives.  As water warms, bait and then kings follow.  Find warmest water around.  

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Nice catches!


Kings this early are like golden Easter eggs in US waters. Southern Canadian waters tend to hold more Salmon in late March/April. Stay off the beach a little. Last Sunday we had a a lot of great marks in that 15-25' range.

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