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1 hour ago, justtracytrolling said:

We have deoxygenated water below the thermocline also here right now.  That's why the bait is up high out of temp.  For some reason the tigers can handle the lower levels of oxygen better than every other species.  I do catch a few walleye, browns, and smallmouth just below the thermocline but any big dense mark deeper than that is a tiger.  I've put baits down there 12 hours a day for a week straight for 1 bite down there and every single fish I've caught that deep ends up a tiger.  You can tell very obviously that the fish go straight to the bottom after they hit up high because the board goes vertical then under.  They stay on the bottom as you bring em in long enough that I see them on the imaging straight under the boat.  Either way the most active fish here you can't mark with a rear mounted transducer.  As the won't let you get over em when they are up that high and the cone isn't big enough.

That interesting , Thanks

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