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Headed west at 6am in 40 fow. Picked up 2 kings and a Laker in 50fow down 30. The weren’t huge but we will take them. 12-15lbs

Then we caught nothing for 2 hour and as we trolled back to the mouth ended up with a double with a smaller kind and a fat brown! In 30 fow! Super fun morning with the weird wind and water. Lure of the day was dw 3 days at sea IMG_7389.thumb.JPG.1fb0168eb4a48a025c8f6dbde6b28cff.JPGIMG_7394.thumb.JPG.495ff0e8d2269d652a3f6a43b24b9c55.JPGIMG_7390.thumb.JPG.8bf2a8c997f5fa6704db7072324ab7ca.JPG



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