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Been fishing the Niagara area (both Fort Niagara & Wilson) with limited success.  We pick up a few but no consistent location or depth.  Curious if anyone is having better luck.  If I had to pick a pattern I would say 100-150 FOW with our lines down around 100.  Flasher Flies have been better than spoons and mostly green or white.   Again, hard to call it a pattern as we have only caught a few the last few days.  Kids want to go again this afternoon...looks like the wind may let up a bit so we will most likely head out of Fort Niagara or Wilson

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We were targeting low 40’s (around 43) most of the time.   Ironically, we went out Sunday late afternoon and started dropping lines northwest of the Red Can in about 150 FOW.  My downrigger (with the probe) jammed at 61ft so I decided to start putting other lines in before fixing the downrigger.  Before I could get the dipsey line in the water my downrigger fired and we boated a king (probably 10-12 lbs nothing big).  The water temp at the probe was 50 degrees.  We decided to put a few more lines around 60 ft (50-70) and boated 6 with 8 hook-ups.  3 were in the low teens and the other 3 we threw back as they were too small.  Not great a better result than the previous 2 days.

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