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Hey guys been trying to follow your adventures figured I'd post mine here too even tho lake Erie. Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well and starting to try and get some normalcy in their lives back it's been a wild ride so far.


Keeping the boat in North East PA again this summer hope to crush some walleye in few weeks once they get here. Been slow for eyes so far but as usual gambler rigs make the Laker fishing easy! I'll try and keep pictures updated here as the season goes on.


Had a cool encounter with some birds in middle of lake Erie eating the bugs off the boat. Kids thought it was the coolest thing ever landed on rods flew in the cabin and we're just fun to watch.





Thank you to all front line workers and the officers trying to keep the peace. We appreciate you!IMG_20200527_201935.jpegIMG_20200523_161357_01.jpegIMG_20200523_161354_01.jpegIMG_20200523_161301_01.jpegFB_IMG_1589910780747.jpegIMG_20200523_161015_01.jpegIMG_20200523_161018_01.jpeg00000IMG_00000_BURST20200521131216103_COVER.jpegIMG_20200516_153901.jpeg


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Just dropping some updated pics for you guys here...been slow out here big winds flipped the lake last Monday made for hard slow fishing all week trout was all I could find. Had a good morning today tho 10-2 caught 20 fish or so mostly sheephead. Had a nice bass which was different and finally 2 more walleye. Water temps climbing back up pretty quick. Looking back at my last year posts June 28 was my first "good" walleye day out there. Hopefully it repeats! Back to work tomorrow.

Saw some good pics from the tourney this weekend up north. Congratulations to the winners looks like it was a good time.

The double on sheep for the kids was a new experience for them too. Both riggers firedIMG_20200622_174805.jpegIMG_20200622_132301.jpegIMG_20200622_124937.jpegIMG_20200622_121443.jpegIMG_20200622_120837.jpegIMG_20200622_112556.jpegIMG_20200622_111706.jpegIMG_20200622_101711.jpegIMG_20200619_135521.jpegIMG_20200617_213903.jpeg

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