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Updated Navionics SonarChart Shading & Hi-Res Relief Shading

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Navionics has just released some updated SonarChart Shading with Satellite Imaging which features more off shore coverage and enhanced satellite imagery. They've also released a layer, Hi-Res Relief Shading for the Navionics Boating, Platinum+ & HotMaps Platinum charts. This new layer is amazing but current only has the St. Lawrence River up this way, I'm sure more is to come. In these images, you see the Nautical Chart, SonarCharts, SonarCharts with colored fishing ranges, SonarChartShading and finally the latest & greatest Hi-Res Relief Shading of the same area on the St. Lawrence River. You do need a current subscription on your Boating App to access this layer. You can visit the Navionics site for full details - https://bit.ly/3d9JMhc Which view do you prefer? #HiResReliefShading #SonarChartsShading #NavionicsBoatingApp #NavionicsPro  

200617-St. Lawrence River-005A.PNG

200617-St. Lawrence River-005B.PNG

200617-St. Lawrence River-005C.PNG

200617-St. Lawrence River-005D.PNG

200617-St. Lawrence River-005E.PNG

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