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Disappointment on Waneta Lake

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 Been a very long time, but I can recall some nice panfish there... Took my son and my 7 YO grandson out for perch, panfish, Bass, etc..

 I freely admit I don't know the lake, so we went with weed lines, points, shallow to deep transitions etc... No matter where we went or what we did, ALL our fish were really tiny,,, Biggest fish we caught was  a perch maybe 10 inches, if you stretched him. Two tiny 6 inch bass rounded out the day, but were not targeting bass today to be fair.. I wanteed my grandson who LOVES to fish to have a blast with some nice big sunnies and perch. He caught a ton, but they were all 4- 5 inches.

 The Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds were  all in   splendid spawning colors, so were mature fish , but the average size was astoundingly small... Smallest perch and sunfish I have encountered since moving to the FL region 29 years ago... I fish Skaneteles often, and see some of our friends here complaining about the size of the panfish there... They are massive compared to  what we caught at Waneta.. I suppose  I  might have done  something wrong, or were there at the wrong time, but we did catch a lot of fish.. Just an astoundingly small average size in every place we fished on the lake...


 I fish with my grandson on Cayuta Lake, and at Park Station, two extremely hard fished small lakes, and have always caught better size fish at both places, and only fish them because they are close... I dunno, did I miss something in my thoughts that Waneta was a very productive lake with a lot of good size fish?, or am I just a bad fisherman?  bob

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