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We spent all last week in the Chippewa Bay area and it was pretty good. A fare amount of the female bass we caught were spawned out and that was great to see after the last couple of years. We caught plenty of smallies deep and shallow, loads of largemouths shallow, more than normal amount of both pike and bowfins. I love catching bowfins, they are one hell of a fighting fish and I would love to see more people get educated on them. I hear a lot of people saying they are snakeheads and you have to kill them. My son caught one while we were fishing beside one of my buddies and he hollered at us to kill that SOB, they eat all of the bass. I told him that fish doesn't kill near as many bass as he does so start releasing your bass. One of the highlights of the week was the school of crappie we ran in to. We were able to catch 39 balck crappies one morning and all of them were between 11" and 15". You can get a pretty good slab of meat off a 15" crappie. The next 5 weeks can't go fast enough so I can get back for another week.

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