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I was out this mornin with Great Lakes Salt and fished out front 100-120 Fow.  Nice temp break at 85 down. We got Kings going with the wind and lakers against the wind. Don't be afraid to run fake meat.  I put a meat rig down off the rigger with a MC Rocket. We had a king on 5 minutes later that almost spooled us. It was a decent King about 22 pounds so I think I may have one down a little more often . It got a lil choppy for us but it was a fun mornin. White paddles were good and Carbon 14 was spoon of the day. We fished same area last weekend and did well. Temp has been good in there.

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We were out of sandy too we ran between 100 to 140fow and had riggers down to 80 and 100. And meat rigs at 65 to 70. Went 2 for 3. One was 17lb chinook salmon, and 16lb laker. The other one we lost he did lots of running and fought him for 10 to 15 mins then lost him.
But agreed a bit choppy out there.

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