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Wow, 3 Atlantic’s in one trip. I’ll take that any day. We were out yesterday. Worked 200-350. Marked a fair amount but could hook up. Couple of drive by’s in the riggers and ended up with one bow. Seemed like water was pretty mixed up. Found good temps at times down 60 and later down 100. Having similar results on Ontario as we have on Erie. Crap!! We hammered them in May and have had pretty slow picks since.

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Agreed it is slow, yesterday I got out late afternoon took 1 decent bow and a shaker west of olcott 400 ish FOW down about 70ft, spin doctor gator and atomic fly.  It was absolutely beautiful on the lake yesterday.  Seems to be same as last year around same time when most matures were not biting, should normalize soon....  Missing coho, boated only one keeper all year :(.

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