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Transom pin holes

Low Baller

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This season I started noticing small dime to quarter size bubbles in the paint on my transom. Upon scratching off the paint bubbles I'm finding small pinholes corroded through the aluminum.

2 questions. 1 , what's causing it,and 2, proper repair? The boat is 22 yrs old, I have used it a few times in saltwater for flounder, and I did replace the fuse bus 2 seasons ago. Electrolysis ? Magnetism? Or just showing her age? For now I'm just going to silicone the spots, she's getting an overhaul this winter.



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I’m with Hank. Doubt it could be from the wood they used back in the day but I did have some on mine when I redid my transom. First thing I would check before you do anything is put a meter on it to see if you have any stray current running through your aluminum. Neg to the neg side of the battery while touching parts of your boat. Turn on various electrical components to see if you have an increase in voltage. Sometimes you’ll find people put a light on and run the negative side as ground to the boat and positive to the battery. You turn on the light and all of a sudden have 12volts running through your aluminum. You just never know till you test. Or like Hank mentioned, keeping your boar in a slip with the boat next to you giving off stray current.

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