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TR-1 Gold issues

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  I bought a new boat in April. Its a 20.6 Duckworth. I installed a 99 Yamaha kicker with the TR-1 autopilot. I have 25 years of experience running APs on commercial boats. This works great but sometimes 3-10 times per day it goes into "Standby mode" and stops steering the boat. Some times to does it when I walk back to adjust the riggers and the boat tips slightly but many times it will go into stby when there is no movement aboard the boat. Any idea what could cause this?

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Lack of support by some of these companies is why I no longer buy Furuno. I just bought a Garmin Ultra and the TR-1 in April now they tell me they may not support the TR-1 much longer. I told them "Why would I ever buy anything Garmin again when you will not support something I bought new 3 months ago". The rep said "well that has been replaced with the Reactor". The difference between the TR-1 and the Reactor as far as I can see is about 3X the money. 

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On 8/13/2020 at 12:37 PM, 2006 trophy pro 24 ft said:

just installed reactor 40 by garmin on my 26 steiger craft.. it is not 3 times the price it was the same price that I paid for tr 1  7 years ago.. far superior to the tr1,, works great , no hydraulics to deal with and wireless remote

The first price I saw was $3,700 but I have sense seen three different  prices for the reactor 40.


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