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Keuka Keuka 8/8 - 8/13


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Long story short this is my 2nd year trolling for trout and this the second year I brought my fishing boat up to Keuka for our annual week long vacation (this is year 35 spending a week on the lake with my family. ) my old man had a fishing boat in the 90s and we always had good luck trolling for trout Using Bradstreet a On Jenson Moocher flashers on Keuka until the mid 90s when the lake dried up hard and all the bait fish just disappeared.  

I stopped up at fishy business on the way and bought some firewood and a watermelon spoon to add to my arsenal and fished 5 days in total from 6am to 8:30am right out on the bluff to the green barn and caught on average 4 fish every trip. my first mate Jeremy joined me on every trip! My speed going south was 2.2 and north was 2.4. 


I even took my old man out with me twice during the morning and he brought in some fish.  The good news is there seems to be some life starting to show in old lady Keuka. The bad news is all the fish were tiny and only a few were keepers.  I didn’t keep any btw.  

Considering last year I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t catch anything I feel this was a successful fishing trip!  Here are some pics 











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