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Took a friend and her daughter out to try and get them their 1st kings. Left the launch around 6:15 and was greeted by a pack of boats out front. With 2 rookies we headed west and away from the pack. 80 rigger with Flasher/fly fires. I grab the rod and hand it to the young lady. Told her to stay in the seat and I would coach her. Cleared the port side rods and her mom took the wheel. Fish went to 385 on LC and girl tells me biggest fish she has caught was a sun fish off the dock. I helped her with rod up and down but she reeled the entire time until fish hit the deck. She wanted it to live so we took a pic and let it fight another day. Managed 2 more releases on riggers and 1 hit on dipseys but no one home. Called it a day at 10am. Fished mostly 90-200 and away from the pack. Marked a lot of fish but.....IMG_4698.thumb.JPG.21697c789b46f29ae6ed4943e5a7726f.JPGIMG_4238.thumb.JPG.ef190981aab4e115b04bdc56dbd561ed.JPGIMG_4236.thumb.JPG.77d8853c434d7703daf672be8713a93a.JPGIMG_4701.JPGIMG_4702.JPG



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