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Found this great site and wanted to reach out and say hello!  Getting close to retirement and just started taking the time to enjoy life...   Recently purchased a Starcraft Islander 221V that is in need of some TLC with future plans of fishing on Lake Ontario. Hope to have everything ready to go by next year. I have a LOT of questions and would greatly appreciate some help and guidance along the way. 





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Well u came to the right place. Welcome to the site. Alot of great members that r not afraid to share Info.  I started fishin the lake 4years ago with minimal knowledge and the members here guided me to put meat on the deck. Good luck out there. 

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Ditto I started 2 years ago and these guys have helped tons! They made the learning curve so much easier! They also willing to explain any questions and trust me I have asked a few dumb ones along the way I’m sure . But good luck with everything and can’t wait to see some post from ya in the future on your luck!

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