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Yankee at the Oak September 19/20

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Kind of a lazy post to encompass last weekend. One more weekend to go and the Yankee will head to the barn for some much needed winter projects. In the meantime we are gonna keep doing what we do, and that's putting fish in the cooler! This weekend we played offshore and caught mostly Steelhead, but did tangle with a couple immature Salmon. Seems the Salmon are out a little further than the Steelhead. Yesterday we fished 30-33N, and today we fished 27-30N. Great class of Steelhead out there! A-TOM-MIK coppers in 150-300' took most of the Steelhead with a variety of spoons.




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29 minutes ago, Skippers Trophy 01 said:

Nice bunch of chrome there, Rick.

This time of year, do you look for temp when trying to find the 3 Yr. old Salmon, or something else?

Thanks for taking the time to post your results here on the forum.


Salmon, yes. Steelhead, no. Fish from the surface to the thermocline.

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