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Perch Canadaigua/Seneca


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I have always heard of great jack perch fishing after the ice goes out on Canandaigua and Seneca but have never tried. Can anyone give me any recomendations on which lake is better and what type of tackle/bait works best. Thanks!

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gleicha, I just attended a perch seminar at Gander Mtn...... Their suggestion is to fish Canandaigua or Keuka if you want to have a better chance of catching perch. Seneca has some great perch but it can be very frustrating trying to catch them.... They can be difficult or you can slam them.... but I know more people that have gone away without a bite.....

Minnows work also jigs with assorted plastics

Good luck

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Thats a ditto. Canandaigua is better for catching perch but Seneca has bigger ones. Problem is, its like looking for a needle in a haystack. Its real easy to get skunked if you don't find them.

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