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Seneca Seneca South 12.12.20

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Got out for a few hours Saturday.  Found some good screens along current breaks on a couple points on east side with hooks stacked up from the surface to 60 ft.  Had 2 releases down 35ft but both came off, felt like salmon.  Saw a salmon jumping near some bait which was pretty cool.  Lots of debris/weeds where the fish were stacked up made it tough to troll through so I went down and trolled from the Tiki Bar up past the salt point, very little on the sonar but picked up one short salmon down 35ft on a "chicken wing" DW spoon (all 3 releases).  At least I didn't get skunked and it was a nice December day to be out comfortably.  Saw a couple other boats and some shore fisherman out enjoying the mild weather.  The boat is in "Winter Mode"  (did yearly service, pulled batteries, pulled fishing gear and covered in lift) so probably done till spring unless I get a really good weather window...  Anyone else been doing anything on Seneca?  

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