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Cayuga Chowder & Reeldoc at it Again

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Now entering our third consecutive Winter, Sunday was the Chowder & Reeldoc reunion on Cayuga.  Unlike the previous 2 years launching Andy's lil Boat out of Taughannock, this go round my Wellcraft did the heavy lifting as we launched out of Deans.  Weather was a concern as early on a moderate South breeze started sending sleet at us intermittently, but we were dressed for the occasion.  Set up a spread to cover a wide variety of depths and went in search of fish.  The screen stayed bland for the majority of the trip, with no sign of bait pods and rare marks, mostly close to the bottom.  In the end the majority of active fish, all Lakers, were near the bottom going for flies off the dipsey and long copper.  The chunky 1 in the photo turned out to be a female whose timing was off a little as she was still full of eggs.  By 10:30 or so the wind picked up to a level that made things unpleasant and after a big tangle of wire and copper we decided it was time to call it.  As I was hauling in the spiderweb Andy pulled in the 5 color out on the big board and had a good sized pickerel attack the spoon.  Timing off the water was excellent as the sleet/snow mix hit soon after so all in all it was "a nice day for January!"




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