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Sold / Closed Clam Legend XL thermal legacy series needs patched 250.00

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Clam Legend XL thermal    This needs some hole patched I lost it out off truck and it has some holes as the pictures will show.The tub is 100% & has runners installed when I first bought it.It has the led lights & battery bracket.The shanty was in excellent condition until this happen.If some wants to patch it would be a great shanty.I lost all my rods&reels my heater & tackle box with amy lures.Anyone interested 250.00 101_1060.thumb.JPG.5a3122ada357294508d6382f877d09fe.JPG101_1059.thumb.JPG.b3b4683c3d35e3d8695b8141e5233d5f.JPG101_1061.thumb.JPG.562b0ca4a616daf7f3fc8f8b7f3a2b65.JPG

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