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IMG_20210309_103800.thumb.jpg.4c59dcc1d48fef4b86325083ec421a6d.jpgWe launched at 8 a.m. and went searching. Had to dodge a lot of floating ice. Found a good stretch of warmer water right as the sun popped out of the clouds and it was game on. Everything we put out got bit but a uv  mixed veggie stinger took the most hits by far. Best stick bait was a emerald shiner long shallow bay rat . Wind picked up and we got out of there. We will be out again soon. IMG_20210309_121016.thumb.jpg.7d522b1a73de3b5437c486075fd3c390.jpgIMG_20210309_114452.thumb.jpg.49cee12ba942a5fee7cef2e7733d2a8e.jpgIMG_20210309_104205.thumb.jpg.090425abfb3a9e4c5f7b317ce3416806.jpg


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7 hours ago, dickey said:

Love it. Was thinking of going out today but was windy.

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Thanks. Yes it got rough out there

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