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The countdown begins


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So i got the boat for a song and a dance with a bad bravo upper drive and engine. Got the lower unit fixed 2 seasons ago trying to get the engine running right. Welp when the previous owner locked up the lower unit on planning rpm the motor jumped timing with the abrupt stop. Anyway i wasted a whole season trouble shooting that engine to pull it 3 times and just getting it rebuilt the last time.


Fast forward to last season new motor new issues. The motor ran great but hot. Almost burned up the boat when the one riser started burning up an exhaust boot. Got both risers unblocked and running decent. Found water in the driveshaft boots.


So this season i dropped another $1500 in parts into her in hopes of having a terrible free season.


Im not ranting or complaining but hopeful of a easy going boating season with minimal breakdowns.


All said and done I've got about $5000 into the boat including the purchase.


Long story short 10 days until splashdown.


Oh and the boat is a 1998 241 Proline.20210418_122334.jpeg


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