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Well it was nice to finally hear. A drag SCREAM!!! We went out with the hopes of some kings in the morning and Lakers in the afternoon. Left Bald Eagle at 530 and set down by Devils nose and worked East. First fish of the day was a nice coho, and we decided to throw him in the cooler. Well why my buddy was bleeding him out a diver i had creeping out fired and started screaming at 130-140. And didn't stop for quite some time, fish took multiple runs and had us out to almost 500ft at one point. Coho came on a Minion meat rig on the deep rigger and King came on Minion Meat rig as well! Glad i brought the meat! We weighed the fish on the boat and 2 different downrigger balls(scale seemed right on the money)@ The fished topped the scaled at 24lb 8-12oz. So we headed to the derby scale and it only came in at 22.3, disappointed but happy we got a mature king for the first king of the year! We fished 60-190fow all weekend. Fish coming in all depths, riggers, diver, leadcores, copper. Meat and spoons..no FF bite for us. Fished the Nose to just East of Sandy. We ran cowbells for probably 4-6 hours looking for lakers this weekend and came up short. Got a little intel that lakers wanted a west troll in 110-120fow. We turned around and bam! 13-14 lb laker but he broke off the gambler rig trying to unhook him in the water and avoid laker ****. We spun around and got the spin in glo back! Overall it was a great weekend and can say i cant wait for more!!



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